Routes in Onís

Hiking trails

Tours to enjoy Onís on foot

Onís is a true paradise in Asturias for hiking and mountain lovers.

In addition to routes for experienced mountaineers in the heart of the Picos de Europawe offer you trekking routes to climb up to summits and the Pandescura, as well as pleasant trails through our mountains. villages, forests and rivers to enjoy with the kids or take a quiet walk.




Quiliama Cave Route
Color Senderismo

S13. Quiliama Cave

4.4 km | +230 m | 1 hour | Easy

Views from the Las Bobias Route
Intermediate Trekking Route Asturias

S3. Las Bobias and Pelamoru forest route

8.2 km | +484 m | 4 hours | Average

Hibeu Peak Route
Intermediate Trekking Route Asturias

S5. Pico Ibéu Route

10 km | +530 m | 4.5-5 hours | Medium

Tabardín river waterfall
Intermediate Trekking Route Asturias

S6. Tabardín River Mills Route

4 km | +255 m | 2 hours | Medium

Dark Cave Route
Intermediate Trekking Route Asturias

S9. Dark Cave Route

9.1 km | +491 m | 3.5 hours | Medium

S10 480
Color Senderismo

S10. Gran Trail Picos de Europa (for mountaineers)

22.6 km | +1,560 m | 9-10 hours | Difficult

S11 480 2
Color Senderismo

S11. Trail Quesu Gamonéu (for mountaineers)

14.6 km | +1,027 m | 6.5 hours | Difficult

S12 480
Color Senderismo

S12. Route of the Majadas de Onís

14.6 km | +1,063 m | 6.5 hours | Difficult

Benia Cheese Route Map
onis cheese icon

Benia Cheese Route

3 km | +68 m | 1.5 hours | Easy

Looking for hiking trails in Asturias?

In Onís you will find some of the best hiking trails in Asturias. An uncrowded environment that will delight nature lovers.

To make it easier, we have divided our hiking routes by difficulty.

Greens (easy hiking trails), ideal for families, with children or if we are not in shape.

Yellow (intermediate hiking routes), ideal if we want a greater challenge, with more distance but without being very demanding.

Red (difficult hiking routes), with hiking routes for experienced people, being much longer both in distance and duration.

And when you complete all our hiking trails in Asturias you can venture into the high mountain routes, in which you will travel through the heart of the Picos de Europa in an environment that will leave you impressed.

Family Routes

Simple routes to enjoy with children or for a quiet walk

Listen to the birds, find a cave, discover a mill… Take a walk and don’t miss anything in Onís!

Medium Difficulty Routes

Low to medium-difficulty hikes for hikers

Walk around Onís on foot! Climb the Hibeu, listen to the murmur of the Tabardín river or enjoy beautiful views of the Cuera.

Mountain Routes

Routes for experienced mountaineers

Ascend to our summits, walk through our sheepfolds and enter the heart of Picos de Europa from Onís.

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