Ornithological walk on the banks of the Güeña River

Observe the birds that live along the river
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What does it consist of?

Do you want to get started in ornithology? We help you to discover the wildlife of a natural river like the Güeña.

Walk ON YOUR OWN along this river trail equipped with feeders, nesting boxes, bird observatory and information panels. Learn to differentiate species and get to know this rich ecosystem. You will discover different species of birds, riparian forest trees, insects and small plants.

But if you WANT TO LEARN MORE about the birds, their behavior and biology, you can take a GUIDED TOUR with an expert ornithologist from the Bearded Vulture Conservation Foundation (5€ adults and children up to 6 years free).

Take a leisurely stroll and be amazed by life along the river!


In Tullidi. The route starts from the recreational area, next to the Bearded Vulture Mountains Center.

How long does it last? 1.3 km long and the time depends on how much time you spend enjoying the species.

When can it be done? All year round

In which languages? In Spanish

Is it accessible? No

Is it suitable for families with children? Yes


Route on your own:


Guided tours:

5€ adults

Free for children up to 6 years old


The activity includes:

  • 1.3 km marked trail
  • Bird observatory
  • Feeders and nesting boxes
  • Information panels
  • Optical equipment; binoculars and spotting scope (if you do the route with a guide).

Route on your own:

All year round

Guided tours:

Consult FCQ. Tf. 985 844 293

A beautiful trail in a bird microreserve


You want to connect with nature, learn about the river’s fauna and flora and get started in ornithology. You want to awaken in children a love of nature, curiosity and patience. Or you just want to take a quiet walk in a peaceful natural environment, accompanied by the murmur of water and the chirping of birds.