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Enjoy Onís with organized activities and guided tours.

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We give it to you so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

Choose from our catalog of experiences among adventure activities, for the whole family, in contact with nature or to enjoy our local culture. Visit a farm, taste Gamonéu in our cheese factories, go spelunking, watch the bearded vulture… You will be short of time!

Cheese and tradition

Visit and tasting at the Vega de Ario cheese factory.

Agritourism activity

Guided visit to the artisan cheese factory, with our family of several generations of cheesemakers and a replica of a hut of the Port to see how Gamonéu was made in the past.

Cheese and farm

Visit the Demués farm and cheese factory.

Agritourism activity

Get to know our farm and the whole process of making Gamonéu cheese. We accompany you from milking to sales in our local products store.

100% Asturias

Pepín Route

Agritourism activity

Visit a farm, cabin and cider mill and finish with a cider and Gamonéu cheese tasting. Immerse yourself in the authentic rural Asturias with Pepín.

Ideal for families

Visit to Granja La Oveja Feliz

Agritourism activity

An ideal experience for families on a farm to see the animals up close. He combs the donkey, caresses the horses, feeds the chickens….

Bird Watching

Ornithological Walk along the Güeña River

Ecotourism activity

Self-guided walk along the banks of the Güeña River equipped with an observatory and bird feeders, perfect for enjoying nature with children.

Bearded Vulture Observation

Ecotourism activity

Observe bearded vultures and other scavenger birds in the wild, with the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture FCQ.

Caving in the Peruyal

Ecotourism activity

Become a paleontologist for a day! An adventure for the whole family, visiting a cave and discovering the real skeleton of an Ice Age rhinoceros.

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