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Onís tastes like Gamonéu del Puerto y del Valle Cheese

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Gamonéu cheese concentrates the millenary wisdom of the shepherds of Onís and Cangas de Onís, in the management of cattle and the pastures of our steep lands, and in the artisanal production of this fantastic Asturian delicacy.

Our mountainous terrain and the rigors of the climate give character to our landscape and have led us to have two varieties of Gamonéu cheese: Gamonéu del Puerto and Gamonéu del Valle.

Its traditional production method is regulated by its Protected Designation of Origin.

Gamonéu Cheese Separator

To eat Gamonéu cheese is to put the Picos de Europa in your mouth.

Gamonéu del Puerto Cheese

Del Puerto

Made by the shepherds in their huts in the sheepfolds of the Picos de Europa, Gamonéu del Puerto cheese is shepherdsin their huts in the sheepfolds of the Picos de Europa, Gamonéu del Puerto cheese is only produced during the spring and summer, when the cattle are grazing in these high areas.

Gamonéu del Valle Cheese

Del Valle

Produced in the cheese dairiesartisan cheese factories in the valleys of Onís, which faithfully follow the traditional method, smoked and matured in caves, with the advantage of being able to produce it all year round.


Smoky and slightly spicy

Gamonéu cheeses are large cheeses, from half to 7 kilos, with a natural reddish, brown or slightly bluish-greenish rind. They are fatty, smoky and with some Penicilium on the edges. Its flavor has a smoky touch, a slightly spicy point and a hazelnut aftertaste in the mouth.


An ancient cheese

Gamonéu cheese is made with milk from local cow and/or sheep and/or goat herds. The milk is rested, curdled, the whey is released and shaped for drying, before being slowly smoked with indigenous woods, such as chestnut or oak.

Smoking gives it a thin natural rind that protects it from the Penicilium fungus. The cheese matures for weeks in natural caves, where it acquires its definitive flavor due to the action of fungi and yeasts in the environment.

You can taste our Gamonéu cheese marvelously paired in the bars and restaurants of Onís, take guided tours in our cheese dairies or buy it vacuum-packed in the cheese dairies or in local stores, to savor Onís back home.

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