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What does it consist of?

Observe bearded vultures and other scavenger birds in the wild with the Fundación para la Conservación del Quebrantahuesos FCQ and contribute to their recovery.

A guided activity to observe the scavenger bird feeder where large birds of Picos de Europa flock. It also includes a short guided walk to a poultry house from where you can see the chicken release area.

Watch bearded vultures, vultures, Egyptian vultures and learn about the reintroduction program!


The starting point is the Cangas de Onís Bus Station or the Bearded Vulture Mountains Center.

How long does it take? 4 hours.

When can it be done? All year round

In which languages? In Spanish

Is it accessible? No

Is it suitable for families with children? Yes


Adults: 25 €.

Children under 12 years old: 15 €.

Children under 6 years old: free


The activity includes:

  • Displacement (FCQ authorized vehicle or bus)
  • Optical equipment (telescope and binoculars)
  • FCQ Expert Guide

Schedules and departure points:


Departures FRIDAYS ONLY by minibus from the Cangas de Onís Bus Station at 9.30 am (Return at 1.30 pm).


Only groups by reservation.

Departures from the Bearded Vulture Mountains Visitor Center (Benia de Onís).

Reservations required

Get to know the bearded vulture and its recovery program


You want to see bearded vultures and other large scavenger birds in the Picos de Europa. You want to get started in ornithology and learn about the importance of scavenger birds in the food chain. You want to know about the reintroduction program of the bearded vulture. You want to collaborate with the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture with an ecotourism activity and contribute to the conservation of the species.

and Reserves

The Bearded Vulture Mountains Center
Center website


985 844 293 / 687 080 374

Bearded Vulture Foundation