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What can you do to become an ecotourist?

If you want to contribute to make your visit to Onís more sustainable, here are some guidelines:
Sheep Valley Cheese
1. Inform yourself about the natural and cultural values of our environment.
Respects the local population, their properties and customs.
3. Enjoy observing and photographing nature, do not disturb wildlife or collect plants, fruits, mushrooms, minerals, or other elements.
4. Do not leave waste of any kind on your excursions, not even organic remains, it is not good for wildlife to get used to eating garbage and it also makes the landscape dirty.
5. Whenever you can get around our municipality on foot or by bicycle, you can opt for public transport or electric vehicles.
6. Avoid leaving the network of hiking trails and respect farm closures. Opening new roads damages wild habitats.
7. Try to consume local and seasonal products, such as our cheeses or local meat, it minimizes the carbon footprint and contributes to our sustainable development.
8. Choose local establishments and professionals that are environmentally committed.
9. Complies with the regulations of the Picos de Europa National Park.
10. Collaborate with conservation associations that work in the environment.
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