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Bearded Vulture Mountains and Glacier Fauna Interpretation Centers staffed by expert guides

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Onís offers two very interesting Nature Interpretation Centers run by experienced guides: the Avín Glacial Fauna Center and the Bearded Vulture Mountains Center.

Both are an excellent option to spend some time with the family visiting their permanent exhibitions, participating in their guided tours or as a starting point for the various activities they offer.

Bearded Vulture Center

C.I. The Bearded Vulture Mountains


Inspired by the mountains of the Picos de Europa, the Center for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development “The Mountains of the Bearded Vulture” offers visitors a space for meeting, participation and awareness.

Shepherds, mountains and bearded vultures are the common thread with a permanent interpretative and interactive exhibition.

Sheep Valley Cheese

C.I. Glacial Fauna of Avín


The Cuevona de Avín, which houses the Glacial Fauna Interpretation Center, is a large cavity through which a small stream flows.

In addition to its natural attraction, it has several life-size reproductions of the megafauna that inhabited the area during the Pleistocene.

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