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Mountain road in Onís, Asturias

We are a mountain territory, to the south we are escorted by the great peaks of the western massif of the Picos de Europa and to the north by the Sierra del Ibeu, in the foothills of the Sierra del Cuera.

The Ibeu Mountains

Sierra Hibeu, Onís Asturias

To the north of Onís rises the Sierra del Ibeu, which is the border with Llanes. It is the final part of the Sierra del Cuera, a pre-coastal mountain range crowned by the 872 m high Pico Ibeu, which is worth climbing.

The Ibeu is a vantage point from which you can see the Cantabrian Sea to the north and the western massif of the Picos de Europa to the south, in a postcard-perfect 360º view of Asturias on clear days.

The slopes of the Ibeu mountain range are covered with scrub, heath and gorse in the higher areas and, in the lower areas, with meadows for livestock, dotted with oak and chestnut groves.

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Discover the beauty of our mountains on foot

Whether you are a hiker or an expert mountaineer, in Onís you will be able to reach the summit and enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the council, the Picos de Europa and even the Cantabrian Sea.

El Pandescura

The Pandescura, Onis, Asturias

To the south of the valley the mountains begin to rise. Before the immensity of the Picos de Europa rise peaks such as the Sierra de Gustaselvín and Pico Pandescura (1,004 m), headwaters of the Casaño river valley and the Arroyo de la Huesal.

Our mountainous terrain is perfect for trekking and trail running, both for training and for coming to compete in one of our prestigious races.

The massif of El Cornión of the Picos de Europa

Cornion Massif

In the southern half of our municipality rises imposingly the western massif of the Picos de Europa or El Cornión and its foothills, with peaks over two thousand meters high, such as Cuvicente (2,015 m), on the border with León and Verdilluenga (2,129 m), on the border with Cangas de Onís.

The landscape of the Picos de Europa is breathtaking, with contrasts of peaks, ravines and chasms, dotted with green pastures with shepherds’ huts that still practice heroic mountain livestock farming.

Cornion Massif
Route of the Majadas de Onís
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