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Traditional festivals

Pilgrimages, contests and celebrations in Onís

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Patron saint festivities

Most of our festivities are linked to the celebrations of our patron saints, each parish has its own and are usually linked to dances and offering of a bouquet, with bread rolls. Traditionally, it is carried by the young men, while the unmarried girls, dressed in the typical costume, sing songs accompanied by tambourine and drum.

History Gamonéu Cheese
Sheep Valley Cheese

The most important are the Virgen de las Nieves in Demués and Las Bobias, Ntra. Sra. de Castro in Benia, Ntra. Sra. de Rozada in Sirviella and Esperanza in La Robellada.

Contests, markets and traditional festivals

Check the agenda and participate in our cultural celebrations, tradition, gastronomy and fun are waiting for you.

Festival of the Shepherd of Onís

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History Gamonéu Cheese


Held in early June in Soñin, it coincides with the ascent of goats and sheep to the pastures of Puertu Altu de Onís.

This festival celebrates the figure of the shepherd in Onís, who for more than 5,000 years has taken care of pastures, meadows and shapes the landscape of the Picos de Europa. Games, food and music in a beautiful celebration that pays tribute to pastoral and livestock life.

1920’s Mercáu



Held on the second Wednesday of August, you can find tradition, crafts and local products.

Stalls selling crafts and local products, demonstrations of traditional crafts, oxcart rides and a typical atmosphere of the 1920s, with the costumes of the time.

Feast of the Reaper

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History Gamonéu Cheese


On August 28th, this festival that combines fun and rural tradition is celebrated.

This celebration was born in the 50’s to pay homage to the countryside and its customs.

Among other events there is dancing, bagpipes, a parade with country carts and distribution of Gamonéu cheese sandwiches (the “parva” of the Segador) for a picnic.

The culmination of the Fiesta del Segador are the traditional games, in which people compete in tests such as the mowing and cabruñu of the scythes, the lifting of grass sheets, the race of “madreñas” and other tests of skill based on local customs.

Reaper’s Festival 2022 + more info

Homemade cider contest

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History Gamonéu Cheese


The cider festival is celebrated the last weekend of August.

A contest in which the small cider makers of the region that still produce homemade natural cider participate. They participate with more than 30 ‘palos’ of cider that are tasted and scored by a specialized jury. After the awards ceremony, there is a popular tasting open to visitors and tourists who can taste for free the different participating ciders, they only have to buy a glass of cider for a price of 3 €.

III Homemade Cider Contest 2022 + more info

Gamonéu Cheese Contest

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Sheep Valley Cheese


The Gamonéu Cheese Contest is usually held the last weekend of October, being a showcase to the world of our incredible cheese.

The main event is the contest for the best Gamonéu, in the categories of the Valley and the Port. But the contest is much more than a competition. The Picos de Europa Fair is held here, with competitions-exhibition of shepherd dogs and native breeds, such as the Xalda sheep and the Asturian pita pinta, and a complete display of products and handicrafts from the Picos de Europa region. This festival of Regional Tourist Interest also includes music and traditional sports, such as bowling, which has been joined for some years now by the Gamonéu Cheese Trail.


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