Speleology in La Peruyal Cave

Discover the skeleton of the prairie rhinoceros with expert guides
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What does it consist of?

Peruyal Cave
Guided visit to the interior of La Peruyal Cave, you will be able to see the complete skeleton of a prairie rhinoceros calf.

This specimen of Stephanorhinus hemitoechus is unique in its species and a symbol of life in the north of the Peninsula in the glacial era.

Accompanied by specialist guides you will be surprised by the striking geomorphology of the cave, with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites and you will discover the curious life that inhabits it.


In Avín, in La Peruyal Cave, the visit begins at the Glacial Fauna Center.

How long does it last?

When can it be done? June to October

In which languages? In Spanish

Is it accessible? No

Is it suitable for families with children? Yes, from 8 years old

Caving in the Peruyal

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Adults: 25€.

Children (from 8 years old): 20€.


The activity includes:

  • Specialist guide
  • Caving suit
  • Helmet
  • Front LED


June 15-October 1 (by reservation)

Mornings: 10:30 a.m.

Afternoons: 15:30

Tuesday NO visit

Become a paleontologist and paleontologist for a day


You like adventure and want to enter a natural cave like a real speleologist. You want to know how caves are created and their curious shapes. You want to discover the cave fauna. You want the privilege of seeing an authentic skeleton of an Ice Age animal.

and Reserves

Avín Glacial Fauna Center



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Glacial Fauna of Avín