Routes in Onís

Mountain routes

Ascents and hikes on our summits and in our sheepfolds.

Ascend to our summits, walk through our sheepfolds and enter the heart of Picos de Europa from Onís.

Experienced mountaineers can enjoy these alternative routes to those of the National Park. We offer you adaptations of our well-known trails of Picos de Europa and Gamonéu Cheese and a spectacular circular from Camba through our sheepfolds.




S10 480
Color Senderismo

S10. Gran Trail Picos de Europa (for mountaineers)

24,2 km | +1.560 m | 9-10 hours | Difficult

S11 480 2
Color Senderismo

S11. Trail Quesu Gamonéu (for mountaineers)

15.5 km | +1,027 m | 6.5 hours | Difficult

S12 480
Color Senderismo

S12. Route of the Majadas de Onís

14.6 km | +1,063 m | 6.5 hours | Difficult