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Recreation and rest areas, to enjoy the views, eat or have a snack while breathing the fresh air of Onís.

Recreational areas

Llano Miyar Recreational Area

Llano Miyar Recreational Area

Located in the town of Bobia de Arriba, it is especially spectacular for its views of the Picos de Europa. It can be reached by car and parking is available. It is a particularly quiet place.

Tudilli Recreational Area

Tullidi Recreational Area

Located in Tullidi, just behind the Bearded Vulture Center, this area is equipped for your picnics enjoying the river environment from where the Gueña River Ortinological Walk starts.

Tudilli Recreational Area

Villar Recreational Area

Located in the village of Villar near the AS-114 road, it has several picnic tables. It is a good place to relax and have a snack after hiking the trail. S3. Las Bobias and Pelamoru forest.

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Tullidi Area (Picnic area)
Llano Miyar Area
Villar recreational area
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