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Activities in Onís GTPE 2022

During the 24th, 25th and 26th of June, coinciding with the GTPE Picos de Europa

Inicio 9 Ecotourism Activities Onís-GTPE Trail Picos de Europa 2022

If you are a GTPE runner or accompanying person, we offer you the opportunity to know and enjoy Onís during the weekend of June 24-25 and 26.

Choose one of these activities from the scheduled times and contact each guide directly to book the activity.



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Visit and tasting at the Vega de Ario cheese factory.


Duration: 1 hour

  • Friday 24 June 18.00h
  • Saturday 25 June 12.00h
  • Sunday 26 June 12.00h

Guided visit to the artisan cheese factory, with our family of several generations of cheesemakers and a replica of a hut of the Port to see how Gamonéu was made in the past. At the end a tasting of our cheese.

Phone reservations: 677 37 73 09

Visit the Demués farm and cheese factory.

5 €/person

Duration: 45 min

  • Friday 24 June 18.00h
  • Saturday 25 June 12.00h
  • Sunday 26 June 12.00h

Get to know our farm and the whole process of making Gamonéu cheese. We accompany you from milking to sales in our local products store.

Phone reservations: 637 31 40 49

Visit to Granja and Cider Cider Mill

10 €/person

Duration: 1h 30min

  • Friday 24 June 18.00h
  • Saturday 25 June 12.00h
  • Sunday 26 June 12.00 h

Visit to a farm with chickens, sheep, donkeys and geese where you will be able to feed and touch our animals and then a visit to a cider making cider mill. You will learn the secrets of this drink and you will be able to taste a ‘culín’.

Reservations phone: 608 78 47 63

Bearded Vulture Interpretation Center


Duration: 1 h

  • Friday 24 June 18.00h

Guided visit by the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture to a magnificent permanent exhibition where you will discover the biodiversity and mountain culture of the Picos de Europa.

Reservations phone: 985 844 293 / 687 080 374

Guided Ornithological Walk along the Güeña River


Duration: 1 h

  • Sunday 26 June 12.00h

Guided walk along the banks of the Güeña River with a specialized guide. Get to know the birdlife of our rivers and enjoy a beautiful walk in the middle of nature. We will provide you with optical material.

Reservations phone: 985 844 293 / 687080 374

Glacier Fauna Interpretation Center

2,50€ - 4€/person

Duration: 1 h

  • Friday 24 in the afternoon. OPEN
  • Saturday morning, 25th CLOSED
  • Saturday afternoon, 25th OPEN
  • Sunday 26th morning and afternoon OPEN.

Spectacular museum inside a natural cave where you will learn, in a didactic and immersive way, what life was like in the Picos de Europa thousands of years ago. On a journey through time you will walk accompanied by life-size replicas of animals from that era: woolly mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, giant elk, a female and a baby woolly rhinoceros and even three neradental.

Reservations: 616 212 483

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