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B2. Pueblos Altos de Gamonéu- MTB/electric

Route available on Wikiloc
Route available on Wikiloc
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Cycling route

Length: 28 km : 28 km :Difficulty: Very difficult : Difficulty level: 1,235 m : Type: Circular
Itinerary: Benia – Demués – Gamonedo – Intriago – Grazanes – Sirviella – Benia

MTB Collado Llagemendis

A very tough route that becomes a game if you handle the electric MTB well. But still
has its difficulty, especially for the steep descent from the village of Sogaedo to the bottom of the valley where impressive specimens of Chestnut and Oak have resisted the passage of time.
When it has rained, the concrete runway can be very slippery, making it difficult to
The bike is very heavy (as is often the case with the E-BTT), and even more so if the bike is very heavy. But on sunny days it is an exceptional route with spectacular views of the Picos de Europa and the Sierras de Cuera and Sueve. Once back to civilization in Llanu de Con (in the council of Cangas de Onís), you can recharge your batteries in a bar or restaurant before starting the last climb through the tracks of Grazanes and Sirviella, again in the council of Onís.

Landscape: Cheese-making villages in the council of Onís, panoramic views of the Picos de Europa and the Cuera and Sueve mountain ranges. Deep valleys of Gamonéu with chestnut, oak and beech forests.

Basic data

Start: Parking Centro de Interpretación Quebrantahuesos
End: Same as start
Length: 28 km
Elevation gain: 1,236 m
Maximum altitude: 633 m
Type of route: Circular

Bicycle casification

btt negra


gravel negra




Type of road surface

Inland asphalt roads (43%) and gravel farm tracks with sections

Important note: This route includes 3 very steep ascents, one of them with a maximum gradient of 30% that must be done downhill also on a concrete track that can be slippery when it has rained.
NOT SUITABLE for E-biking or MTB beginners.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Bring warm clothes and at least a raincoat or windbreaker type jacket, because up high it can be cold and very often fog rolls in even on days that have started with a completely clear sky.
Also bring enough water and some fruit or energy bar, because there is no bar or restaurant until almost the end of the route, in Llanos de Con and Mestas de Con.

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